Art Allen is focused on the issues that matter to our community. As an effective and experienced leader, he’s ready to advocate for Bellevue beginning on day one.

Smart Growth in Bellevue
Bellevue is a special community, and it’s important that we preserve what makes us unique. As proposals for growth come before us, we must ensure that any project that moves forward will improve our community. For commercial growth, I will ensure projects fill a need and not detract in any way from our quality of life. For residential growth, I will discourage mega-apartment complexes and encourage ownership in our community.

Enhancing Public Safety
As Bellevue’s profile increases, we are seeing more opportunities for criminals to take advantage of our homes and businesses. I will work to increase the police presence in Bellevue and enhance communication between our law enforcement officials and our community.

Moving Civic Projects Forward
We have many great projects happening in Bellevue: a high school set to begin construction, the regional community center and Predators ice center well under construction, Red Caboose Park being rebuilt, a new fire hall in the works among them. I will focus on seeing these projects through to completion, continuing the great work Sheri Weiner has done getting them started.

Honoring Our Commitments
While we expect our police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and other Metro workers to keep us safe, educate our youth, and provide services, Metro government has failed to honor its commitments by following through on promised cost of living adjustments. This lack of respect is costing us some of our best and brightest. I will work to ensure that Metro government treats its public safety officials, educators, and workers with the dignity and decency they deserve to ensure our residents are provided the highest level of service.