Meet Art Allen 

PhotoArt Allen is a Nashville native and longtime Bellevue resident with a history of service to the community, an understanding of issues surrounding Metro government, and a dedication to the future of Bellevue. Art is running to succeed Sheri Weiner and follow her model of pragmatic leadership and her focus on making Bellevue the best it can be.

Art graduated from Hillsboro High School and, after leaving the state to attend college, returned to Nashville to work as a case officer for the city’s trial courts for over a decade. This work familiarized him with Metro departments and the services they are charged with providing to our community. He also gained a deep understanding of issues surrounding public safety and criminal justice and further developed his strong leadership traits and sense of ethical leadership.

In 2014, Art left Metro government to join a private business as a project manager, taking advantage of his organizational skills and business sense.

Art lives in Bellevue with his now-cancer-free dog, serves on his HOA board, is active with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and is a member of the Nashville Zoo. He attends Harpeth Presbyterian Church.